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Parish Council


Marston Sicca Parish Council is a Local Authority that make decisions on behalf of the Marston Sicca Electorate. It is the level of Government closest to the community, with Stratford District Council and Warwick County Council above it in the hierarchy.

Marston Sicca Parish Council strives to achieve three main obiectives:

    • representing the Local Community – to provide effective and accountable Local Government for the Parish, achieving best value for our community.
    • delivering services to meet local needs – to be a strong voice for residents and local businesses ensuring that development of our built and natural environment is driven by the needs and ambitions of the community it represents.
    • to improve quality of life in the parish – to ensure we reach the diverse community and its diverse needs by being approachable, transparent, and proactive.

Marston Sicca Parish Council is committed to being a cleaner, greener, more attractive Parish, working towards a better understanding of biodiversity and adopting strategies to help tackle climate change.

What Decisions Do Parish Councils Make

Parish Councils make various decisions on issues that affect the Local Community, under Local Government Laws. The most common topics that Parish Councils get involved with are planning matters (as statutory consultees), creating Neighbourhood Plans, crime prevention, helping local groups, managing assets, and campaigning for and delivering better services and facilities.

Marston Sicca Parish Council meet on the third Monday of each month with a pre-advised, published agenda noting the items for discussion. Members of the community are welcome to attend.

Marston Sicca Parish Council consists of seven members elected for a four-year term of office. If a member leaves mid-term their vacant seat is advertised and if there is no call for a by-election the vacancy is filled by co-option. Whether elected mid-term or co-opted, that member’s term of office ends at the same time as all elected members. The date of the next election for all seven seats will be May 2023.

All parish councilors are required to follow the Members Code of Conduct to ensure compliance with the requirements of holding public office.

What Powers Do Parish Councils Have?

The Parish Council has a wide range of powers related to local matters, these powers are laid out by Acts of Parliament which provide the Council with permission to make certain decisions.

Parish Council powers are related to local matters, such as looking after community buildings, open spaces, allotments, play areas, street lighting, bus shelters, car parks and much more. To support these functions, the Council has the power to raise money through taxation, the precept. The precept is the Parish Council’s share of the Council Tax.

The Community Safety Team at WCC has been running a campaign to support and revitalise the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. You can get involved as little or as much as you like – from receiving messages from the police about crime in the area, to being a local coordinator. You can sign up for messages by going to

Marston Sicca Parish Councillors