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Parish Council

The Parish Council is the level of local government in Stratford-on-Avon nearest to the people of Marston Sicca (Long Marston).

The old parishes were formed at a time when there was little difference, to the local people, between the Church and the State. A parish like Marston Sicca (Long Marston) usually formed around a village or other small settlement and used to be centred around the Parish Church. In the late 1800s Church and State separated but the same area is now represented as a local authority by the Marston Sicca (Long Marston) Parish Council and the Church of England by the Parochial Church Council.

​The Parish Councils have many powers and some duties.

An example of a power is the one that allows the purchase and operation of street lighting. One duty requires the council to open the meetings to the press and public, with few exceptions. They manage local amenities in Marston Sicca (Long Marston) and have a watching brief on local issues and their opinion is noted by those higher authorities in matters concerning them such as local planning issues.

Code of Conduct

Marston Sicca Parish Council has formally adopted the New Code of Conduct as recommended by the Department of Communities and Local Government. This is in line with the action taken by Stratford District Council. For more information please click the link which will take you to the Stratford Disctict Council page containing more information and a number of associated documents

Neighbourhood Plan

Following the implementation of the Core Strategy, and the inclusion of the airfield in the agreed developments for the period of the plan, the Parish Council has agreed that it would be appropriate to develop a neighbourhood plan. This is quite a significant piece of work, it replaces the Parish Plan, but will enable the village to influence building/development in the future and will also help to secure more input into local infrastructure finances (see below Community Infrastructure Levy)
Noel Davis will lead the plan for the Parish Council, and is keen to identify volunteers to work on the plan. Please contact Noel if you would like to get involved. For more information on the topic – click here to be directed to SDC website.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Community Safety Team at WCC has been running a campaign to support and revitalise the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. You can get involved as little or as much as you like – from receiving messages from the police about crime in the area, to being a local co-ordinator. You can sign up for messages by going to

Antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour and unwanted hawkers. Please contact a member of the Parish Council if you witness any antisocial behaviour or are subjected to verbal abuse from visiting hawkers. Any information regarding these issues would be welcomed.