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Agendas / Minutes


The agenda for each monthly meeting is posted on the Council’s notice-board (outside the village hall), as well as on the Council’s website, on the Friday before each meeting and this will let residents know in advance which topics are to be discussed. 

With current rulings relating to social distancing and the avoidance of public meetings, the Parish Council are currently holding remote meetings to ensure the interests of our residents continue to be represented. Those councillors who are able to connect via Zoom are hereby summoned to attend the remote meeting on February 15th 2021 at 7.30pm.

Members of the public are invited to join but we are looking to have a limited amount in order to keep the remote connection stable enabling Parish Council business to be conducted. The session will be recorded, and full minutes will be published. If a resident would like to join then please use the form below to contact the clerk. Any open session will be for 5 minutes due to the limited time available on zoom.

If you wish to join the meeting, or would like to raise an agenda item for inclusion at our next meeting, please contact the clerk using the form below.


The Council publishes draft minutes from Council meetings after each meeting in order to let residents have information on discussions at the earliest opportunity, rather than wait for minutes to be approved the following month.  We trust this will be helpful, but residents are reminded that these are draft minutes only and could, in some instances, be subject to amendment.

Here visitors to the site can access copies of previous minutes which are replaced by the latest minutes on a rolling basis.

Contact The Clerk

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