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Dear Residents, 

As you may be aware, in an attempt to slow speeding traffic through the village, the Parish Council looked to secure a viable traffic calming scheme that would address the problem.   With S106 monies that emanate from new developments (fixed amounts allocated for traffic calming), the Parish Council looked to use the accumulated funds.    Aside from the long time it took to find the monies within WCC, it became increasingly evident that any scheme was likely to be extremely expensive.

Our initial intention was to erect 4 build outs with two at each end of the village and two close to the centre to ensure cars not only slowed when entering the village but continued to be mindful of speed during transit.  WCC however, who were initially reluctant to support such a scheme confirmed the price would be in excess of £80k (significantly over the S106 funds supposedly at our disposal).   We were also confined to a design and location layout set by WCC and therefore worked with the two build out option to at least provide some degree of speeding calming at this juncture.

Plans for speed calming have been available for discussion at various parish council meetings and at the open day within the village hall, giving all residents the opportunity to discuss the proposals fully.  We have written to WCC to discuss the recent works noting councillor views and various resident’s comments.  We will be looking at other means of monitoring and limiting speed calming in addition to the build out scheme and relevant information will be noted on the PC website at the earliest opportunity


Parish Clerk