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September 2016

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council held on Monday 19th September 2016

At 7:30pm in the Village Hall

Present: Chairman Cllr M Brain, Cllrs L Kiener, A Hodges , W Tempest. I. Johnsey,M.Englishby and M Hillier

9 Members of the public + District Councillor Barnes .

1. Apologies. Cllr I Seccombe.

2. Declarations of Interest. Cllr Brain in respect of 16/02421/Ful.Marston Edge. Cllr Hodges. -all matters relating to Long Marston Airfield and Orchard Development.

  1. 3. Open Session.

Cllr Brain explained the regulations concerning the Open Session as laid down in the Council's Standing Orders.

Nothing raised in this item.

  1. 4. Minutes of meeting on 18th July and Planning Meetings on 1st and 22nd August -Proposed by Cllr Tempest Seconded by Cllr Johnsey that they be approved as correct.Approved by Council unanimously.

  1. 5. Arising.

Footpath SD41. WCC had advised that there had been no progress. Clerk to chase WCC again. In the meantime Cllr Johnsey will contact Mr B Bluck whose land this short footpath crosses.

Kissing Gates at Greenway. Meeting advised that gates are now clear and suitable for wheelcahairs etc,

Footpath SD40. Clerk had enquired at Land Registry on procedure needed to ascertain ownership. This not to be explored in short term. Clerk to chase WCC Paths to expedite the review of this footpath and it's registration – extract of email from Elaine Bettger at WCC read out to meeting saying “ this section of footpath may have been mistakenly omitted from the definitive map and this apparent anomaly has been noted as a matter to be investigated as part of the ongoing Definitive Map Review." Clerk to enquire when this review is expected because of the need for action to restore this area to it's former state following refusal of Planning at Ashmead House. Richard Barnard, Elaine Bettger to be contacted with a copy to Cllr Seccombe.

6. County Councillors Report. Apologies received. No report to hand.

7. District Councillors Report.

Cllr Barnes advised that the District Council were looking for reserve development sites in regard to the Core Strategy already in place. He advised that he had sent a report to the Planning Inspectorate regarding the Wyre Lane Appeal. He asked for support for the proposal that the lights at Rainbow Nurseries should be no higher than 1.5 metres. He also mentioned the reduction in speed limit between Welford and Long Marston. He has requested funding for a speed gun to me used for Welford, Luddington and Barton villagers and expressed concern that Long Marston were not joining in with the training programme.

In response Cllr Brain advised the meeting that the 1.5 metre high condition at Rainbow Nurseries had already been confirmed to him in an email ,as a condition yet to be agreed and implemented by agent, by the Planning Officer.

Cllr Brain was in dialogue with Debbie Poynter from WCC Highways regarding the speed limit reduction in his role as County Councillor for Welford.

Long Marston already owns a Speed Gun and has fully trained operatives. Both the Gun and the Volunteers will need updating before they can be in operation again. Cllr Hillier to contact John Cummings who previously organised this matter.

  1. Planning.

16/02235/LBC. Kings Lodge. Internal alterations to Bedroom and Shower Room.

No representation made.

16/01701/FUL. Ashmead House. Outline application for 5 dwellings. Application refused.

16/01405/Vary. Codex/Birds site.Variation of condition at Roundabout. Permission granted.

14/02985/FUL. Wyre Lane. Residential development.5 houses. Appeal .Representation sent to Planning Inspectorate after approval from Councillors..

16/02206/FUL. Request from Bloor Homes for a meeting concerning possible take up of affordable housing from Stonewater, This was declined as the Council felt we should not entertain a meeting whilst the application is going through the Planning system.

16/02421/FUL Marston Edge Nurseries. Amendment to application.

Cllr Brain offered to leave the meeting should any discussion take place. This was not accepted – we had made no representation to the original – it is not in Long Marston – and no representation would be made to the amendment. Agreed by all other Councillors.

  1. Finance.

Payment to Walc – renewal of membership approved.

Transfer of Funds to Avon Valley First Responder Group. We have been holding the sum of £3683 on their behalf but they are now in need of further funds to update equipment. Discussion took place but as it is their cash anyway it was proposed by Cllr Brain, seconded by Cllr Hillier and agreed by all Council that the whole sum be sent to them by cheque. Financial Officer to be advised.

Accounts to date had been prepared by RFO John Cummings. Proposed by Cllr Kiener and seconded by Cllr Brain that they be approved together with payments totalling £834.03. Accounts filed with these minutes.

Independent Audit. This had been completed by Grant Thornton for the year to 31.3.16. One matter was reported to the Council – “ In future the Parish Council should ensure that the minute reference clearly demonstrate that the Annual Governance Statement was considered approved and signed before the Accounting Statements."

A request from the Monarchs Way Association for help with funding new Waymarkers along this historic route charting the escape route of Charles 11 escaping from the Battle of Worcester. It follows the Heart of England Way from Quinton and then goes along the Greenway. They had requested a donation of £20 - £40 but it was proposed by Cllr Brain, seconded by Cllr Kiener that the sum of £50 be sent. Approved by meeting.

10. Website. Cllr Kiener gave a brief resume – we had asked for details of an upgrade from Stratford District Council but they are not able to assist at this time. They have however recommended an employee of the Council who could do it privately. The cost would be about £1,000. Cllr Kiener had looked at the Welford Website which has been upgraded and did not feel that the small improvements such as a Calendar warranted such an expense. There was a great deal of discussion over this matter with some Councillors expressing strong views on the importance of an upgraded system . WCC apprenticeships were suggested as a possible source for expertise – this is not in our power. Cllr Hillier is to look at Website with Business Colleagues and report in November.

11. Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Englishby reported that he had met with Matthews Neal – co-ordinator for this at Stratford District Council who explained the process to him and the need to start all over again. The first two things to consider are :- Do we want a Neighbourhood Plan and what geographical area it should cover. Matthew Neal had produced a map for us showing a proposed area which is the whole of the Parish but excluding the Masterplan Area of the Storage Depot and Long Marston Airfield.It was proposed by Cllr Brain and Seconded by Cllr Hillier that we should go ahead with this project – and use the area designated on the map supplied - approved by all Councillors. A reminder was given that a Neighbourhood Plan is produced by residents of the Parish – not the Parish Council and that future funds from any Community Infrastructure Levy would be at a higher level if a Neighbourhood Plan was in place. A consultation Group can assist with this plan but at a cost which is not known. Appeal for volunteers to take part would be put in Newsletter – replies to Cllr Englishby – together with explanation and link to SDC Website.

12. Road Safety, Defibrillator etc, Portfolio Holder Cllr Hillier apologised for the fact that he had made very little progress on any matter. He had been on Holiday and had also moved house which had taken up most of his time.

Police Speed camera -Cllr Kiener asked if there was any possibility of a genuine police speed camera being installed in village. Cllr Brain advised that there was a zero chance.- Only used in Traffic Black Spots and where fatalities had occurred. It was suggested that an application be made to our County Councillor under her grant scheme for funds to help with speed visors which need replacing. They do act as a deterrent and the data gained from them is invaluable. Mention was made of Police Speed Traps and their use. Currently they are being used extensively on the road from Stratford to Meon Vale to Catch “ boy racers" going from roundabout to roundabout. Questions were asked about which Police Area covered Long Marston now that we have moved our boundary into the Bidford Community Area. No notification had been received concerning Bidford Community Forums so we had not been able to request extra Police speed checks. Cllr Brain will investigate.

13. Airfield. No items.

14. Village Maintenance.Hedge at junction of Wyre Lane. Map had been received from WCC showing extent of verge. Owner of property has legal responsibility to cut hedge back to correct place.Suggestion that we contact Michael Rogers WCC to meet and discuss was not carried – it was proposed by Cllr Kiener to leave things as they are in the short term because of Appeal at Wyre Lane Site – this was not unanimous so was put to the vote – approved by 4 with 3 abstentions.

Footpath to Station Road. Still no progress and no response to Cllr Brain's request to WCC for a costing of this. Much discussion ensued concerning width of cutting of verge. It is already mowed to a metre depth by our contractors and the owner of the adjoining field has changed. Proposed and agreed that Clerk seek cost from Thomas Fox for cutting verge and hedge back further for an extra metre in order to give pedestrians more room. There was also concern expressed at the state of the three footpaths currently maintained by Stephen Popplewell at an annual cost of £100. Clerk to get quote from Thomas Fox for maintaining these for pedestrian use. Only two of these will require maintenance in the near future.

Verge opposite Church. No progress – Cllr Brain will contact WCC to progress.

Potholes reported by old Station Crossing by Greenway. Cllr Brain will deal with.

Rumour that dog waste bins would not be emptied in future on The Greenway - not true as far as we are aware.

At this point in the meeting Cllr Hillier offered to take over the matter of Public Rights of Way into his portfolio.

  1. Correspondence. Most circulated by email. Request by Chairman that correspondence in future is circulated in a folder to all Councillors. Notification of SMART START a fund to give Warwickshire's children the best start in life. To be copied in Newsletter.

Notification of new Phone Number in case of power cuts – 105. To be copied to Newsletter.

Application form downloaded for WCC Councillors Grants for 2016/17. Cllr Hillier to take, fill in and submit regarding grant for Speed Visors.

ADDITION. Cllr Kiener enquired if there was any progress on the Orchard Site and the Open Space. Cllr Brain will make enquiries.

The next scheduled meeting will be on 21st November at 7.30.

The meeting closed finally at 9.15.p.m.

Extra Open Session. Mr Marcuse advised that some hardcore has already been laid on the verge opposite the Church by persons as yet unknown.

He also advised that tree growth is appearing at the base of some trees in the village verges. Cllr Johnsey will investigate.

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