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Planning News & Advice

Planning applications that have been received in the last 18 months.

Reference Received Status Address
17/03328/FUL 2/11/2017 Pending Consideration 9 The Brickall Long Marston CV37 8QL
17/03156/FUL 17/10/2017 Pending Consideration Old Station Yard Station Road Long Marston Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8RP
17/02929/S106 27/9/2017 S106 - Agree to Vary Long Marston Storage Depot Campden Road Lower Quinton CV37 8QR
17/03006/AMD 25/9/2017 Pending Consideration Meon Vale Campden Road Lower Quinton
17/02829/REM 18/9/2017 Pending Consideration Land To Rear Of Troon And Chestnut Cottage Long Marston
17/02720/S106 6/9/2017 S106 - Agree to Vary Meon Vale Campden Road Long Marston Warwickshire
DISCN/00301/17 1/9/2017 Pending Consideration Planning Site Off Welford Road Long Marston CV37 8RB
17/02490/FUL 14/8/2017 Permission with conditions Court Lodge Long Marston Road Long Marston CV37 8RR
17/02254/AMD 26/7/2017 Approval of Non Material Amendment Planning Site Off Welford Road Long Marston
17/02250/S106 25/7/2017 Pending Consideration Meon Vale Campden Road Long Marston Warwickshire

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Stratford upon Avon - Consultation Core Strategy | Core Strategy Consultation Document Feb/March 2014 | SDC G&T Plan for Consultation

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