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Planning March 1st 2016

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council Planning Meeting held on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at 7.30.p.m in the Village Hall.

Present. Cllr Kiener, Vice Chairman who took the Chair. Cllrs Johnsey and Tempest.

14 members of the public.

Cllr Kiener advised that the running order of the Agenda would change as would all meetings in future. Apologies and Declarations of Interest would now come at the very beginning of every meeting.


Chairman Mike Brain who was chairing a Community Forum meeting inQuinton.

Cllr A Hodges.




Nothing raised.


15/04353/OUT. Ashmead House. Hopkins Field.Long Marston.

A. Amendments to application concerning:-

Turning head and access to Plot 4 updated.

Refuse vehicle turning added to road layout.

Footpath added.

Colours added to road.

It was noted that shared drives for plots 3 and 4 had been separated and the hammerhead changed. Footpath was now indicated on opposite side of access area. Tarmac was shown for a short stretch at new access entrance.

After discussion it was decided to reiterate all our previous objections stressing our concerns over encroachment on adjacent landowners' property which restricts width available for access. This has been measured by Cllr Tempest who stated that there is not sufficient width for road and footpath. Concern over the visibility splay and proximity of exit next to Hopkins Field roadway where pedestrians would have to exit between two vehicular drives.

Also to be stressed are the fact that there is now a 5 year land supply within the District Council and that Long Marston has received far in excess of the expected LSV Category requirement.

This Council supports the Warwickshire County Council objections concerning access arrangements.

B. Clarification of points raised by the Action Group.

The meeting was opened to the public to enable the Action Group to raise their concerns.

Ms D Woodliffe spoke on behalf of the action group.

She said that there was no doubting the efficiency of the Parish Council also that the Action Group did not instigate the article in the Stratford Herald. All that they asked for was a before and after photograph of the footpath which had been damaged. She stated that the village was now full of tittle tattle and gossip. There was concern over Cllr Brains Declaration of Interest in this application which meant that certain questions could not be answered.

She was advised by Cllr Kiener that every Council Member signs a declaration when taking office to remain impartial and to declare an interest in any matter perceived to be of personal interest to the Councillor and this integrity must be maintained. The article in the Stratford Herald painted an awful picture of this village and so the Parish Council had to respond. It had intimated that Cllr Brain had done something improper. This was not the case. In this whole matter, Cllr Brain is purely a neighbour and was not involved in any way with the Parish Council's handling of this application or it's response. What has happened in the recent past has no bearing on the Parish Council's action .

The Action group still had concerns relating to the level of knowledge and personal involvement of Cllr Brain prior to the damage to the footpath, the impact that this could have on the outcome of the application, and also to any potential preventative action that could have been taken.

If the Action Group still has unanswered questions concerning Cllr Brain then any query should be addressed to him directly. It is understood that he has offered a one to one meeting with Ms Woodliffe or to answer points made in an email. This is not a matter than the Parish Council can be involved in. It was stated that pressure on Cllr Brain has been aggressive.

The Parish Council had done all within it's powers by alerting the County Council and District Councillor to the footpath damage as soon as Cllr Kiener became aware of the situation. Jeff Morris from the County Council had visited the site as soon as it was possible and demanded the reinstatement of their strip of grass verge and this was done immediately. The District Council Enforcement Officer was also advised but said that no immediate action would be taken as the damage was already done and that they would have to await the outcome of the Planning Application. The Parish Council have requested that District Councillor Barnes ask for a site visit of the Planning Committee to look at the proposed access for this application.

The meeting closed at 8.15.p.m.

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