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Planning June 27th 2016

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council Planning Meeting held on Monday 27th June 2016 at 7.30.p.m in the Village Hall.

Present. Vice Chairman Ian Johnsey, who chaired the meeting. Cllrs Kiener , Hodges and Tempest.

21 members of the public.


Chairman Mike Brain who has declared a pecuniary interest in the application discussed.Cllr Izzi Seccombe.




Query from Mrs D Woodliffe. Would the Parish Council produce a robust objection to this application? Advised that Council would discuss later in Agenda and make their decision then. Otherwise it could be classed as pre-determination. This also raised by Mr Farrell.

Mr Drummings queried the application to register SD40 as a Public Right of Way. Papers with WCC and are on the system – previous urgency was to register our interest before any Planning Decision on Ashmead House.

Re-instatement of Footpath? Enforcement Officers at both District and County Councils have been made aware of this situation and the need for re-instatement but no response as yet. It was felt we have a perfect right to insist on re-instatement to previous state.

Mr Hillier raised the fact that the western end of SD40 is not on the definitive map. WCC have indicated that it may be their historic error which has caused this .

In answer to other numerous queries, the following advice was given from the Council :-

Ownership of footpath has not been identified but it definitely does not belong to Mr Dodds and there is no doubt that it is a Public Right of Way.

County Council only interested in as much as there is safe passage for pedestrians.

Ownership is not an issue as regards Planning – legal ownership is a Civil Matter. Dimensions and width of proposed access queried – this will be discussed later in meeting.

Meeting advised that in the Core Strategy document, now approved by the Inspector, Long Marston has been reclassified as a Cat 4 LSV from a Cat 3. The number of new houses expected under this ruling would be 25 – we are now up to 78 and counting. Once the Core Stragey has been adopted by the District Council there will be a much stronger defence against any new building although the NPPF is still a worry.

WCC Highways have objected to all previous applications on this site – hence the withdrawal of pervious plans and the submission of this new one.

Occupants of No 3 Hopkins Field advised that they have sought legal advice on the covenants in place on Hopkins Field concerning access etc and are awaiting a response.

It was felt that the environmental survey was done in the winter and does not give a true picture of the rural environment on this site as regards wildlife etc.

Meeting advised by long standing resident that previous applications to develop this land had been rejected on the basis of backfilling and the need to preserve a green corridor in the centre of the village.


16/01761/OUT. Ashmead House. Hopkins Field. Outline application for the erection of 5 dwellings. All matters reserved except for access.

Cllr Tempest produced a document for consideration and the Vice Chair agreed that it could be read out.

Following this, the Council discussed many issues concerning the Core Strategy figures, the dimensions shown in the Design and Access Statement from the developer, conflict of traffic with residents of Hopkins Field, visibility from proposed new access onto Hopkins Field, flooding issues following damage to footpath, no provision for surface/ storm water, Hopkins Field wheelie bins, restricted access for large vehicles into Hopkins Field, relocation of SD40/pedestrians crossing road, 5 year land supply now in place, red line on plan includes land owned by Mr Brown at the Close , wildlife survey done in Winter, not a true picture, materials shown for construction not in keeping with Village Design Statement.

It was proposed by Cllr Kiener, seconded by Cllr Tempest that this Council would object in the strongest possible terms to this application. Agreed by all Councillors.

Reasons to be given :-

Reiteration of all comments given to previous applications for this site.i.e

Sustainability and overdevelopment – schools, medical facilities, transport

Loss of Amenity


Large properties not needed in village – no mix of properties.

This development represents backfill.

Plus comments to be taken from this meeting as regards

Core Strategy and recategorisation to LSV4.

5 year Land Supply.

Proposed access to Hopkins Field houses.

Provision for surface/storm water.

Safety of pedestrians on SD40.

Dimensions and measurements to be challenged concerning width of proposed access road .

Challenge statement concerning ownership/control of site. One area marked inside red line belongs to The Close.

Protection of rural environment.

Clerk to prepare response based on the above. This will then be circulated to all Councillors.

The meeting closed at 8.35.p.m.

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