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Planning August 22nd

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council Planning Meeting held on Monday 22nd August 2016 at 7.30.p.m in the Village Hall.

Present. Chairman Mike Brain. Cllrs Johnsey,Kiener,Tempest and Englishby.

9 members of the public.


Cllr Izzi Seccombe. Cllrs Hodges and Hillier.


Cllr Brain ref application 16/02421/Ful.Marston Edge Nurseries and Item on Public Footpath adjoining Hopkins Field.

Cllr Tempest on Appeal against refusal of 14/02985/Ful – land off Wyre lane.


Nothing raised.


16/02483/REM. Long Marston Storage.Reserved matters relating to phase 4b of planning permission 14/01186/OUT. Maters to include appearance, landscaping, layout and scale to include 112 dwellings.

Copious amounts of plans and paperwork had been received and had been examined by Cllrs Kiener and Tempest.

They reported that the application incorporated measures that had been agreed upon on previous phases and agreed that a good buffer zone had been provided between the building site and Station Road.

The only roadworks associated with this phase would be the provision of a ghost island at the junction of B4632 and Station Road.

The only concern was lighting on the site. The roundabout on the B4632 was “ like Las Vegas". It was proposed by Cllr Keiner,seconded by Cllr Tempest and approved by the meeting that no representation be made but that accompanying comments be made concerning lighting as follows:-

Lighting be reduced outside development area.

Dark Sky principle invoked.

Low density lighting be used especially near dwellings on Station Road.

14/02985/FUL. Land off Wyre Lane. 5 new houses. Appeal made to Planning Inspectorate against the decision of Stratford District Council to refuse.

Cllr Tempest had declared an interest and left the room.

Cllr Kiener questioned whether any comments must be made on previous refusal grounds or if more up to date legislation could be quoted.

It was proposed by Cllr Kiener ,seconded by Cllr Brain and approved by all that a response be made making reference to and reiterate all previous comments concerning Traffic and Road Safety, Spoiling of Character of Surrounding area, Need, and Sustainability.

Since this application had been refused, Stratford District Council has adopted it's Core Strategy on development for the years 2011 – 2031.Long Marston was re-categorised as a category 4 Local Service Village not 3. Policy CS16 of this states that no single category 4 village should have more than 8% of the total dwellings to be accommodated within that category (32). Long Marston already has been identified as having 80 dwellings built or approved. This development would therefore be unsustainable. Harm would outweigh the benefits and is contrary to Core Strategy Policy CS1 and NPPF paragraph 7. Additionally this application for 5 dwellings cannot be considered as a small scale development under the Core Strategy which quotes a figure of 1 or 2 per site.

At this point Cllr Brain left the meeting having declared an interest in the following two items and the Chair was taken by Vice-Chairman Ian Johnsey.

Cllr Tempest returned to the meeting.

16/02421/FUL.Marston Edge Nurseries. Use of site for up to 36 pitches – 12 Glamping Pods and 24 camping and caravanning in connection with existing use for caravanning and camping. Mrs J Brain (Wife of LM Parish Council Chairman)

Notification only as an adjoining Parish Council.

Cllr Kiener advised that as was the usual custom where the applicant is well known to the Council, she would declare a personal non-financial interest and make no representation.

Cllr Tempest however wished to make comments concerning the number of camping pitches already in existence or planned within a mile radius and stating that he thought this would be overprovision.

Chairman Johnsey closed the meeting at that point as Mr Davis wished to ask a relevant question as to what weight would be given to any response by the Parish Council. The Clerk advised that any comments would not trigger this application being determined at a Planning Committee but would be fully considered in coming to a decision by the District Council. In other words any comments would be treated in the same way as a personal view sent to the District Council. The meeting was re-opened and it agreed by all other Councillors that no representation would be made.

Public Footpath next to Elmhatch/Hopkins Field.

Cllr Kiener told the meeting that when this footpath was first vandalised it was reported both to the County Council and the District Council. The District Council had given it an enforcement reference number which she had asked District Councillor Barnes to chase up. She was advised that any enquiry under this reference had been closed. No action.

County Councillor Izzi Seccombe had been contacted and she advised that the Parish Council request for registration of the extension of this path up to the main road could take some time. In any case the County Paths section were only interested in so much that it is passable for walkers and of a suitable width.

It had previously been intimated in an email from the County Council that this section of the Right of Way was left off the definitive map due to an historic oversight. Cllr Tempest to look for this email.

The Clerk was allowed by the Chairman to speak about this matter and she advised the meeting that the real problem is not in registering the path as a Right of Way but the actual ownership of this piece of land .No-one could enforce reinstatement unless they have a legal right to do so. She asked the owner of Hopkins to investigate more fully to see if this area of land was left in limbo after the construction of Hopkins Field and/or still remained with the original title holder of “Hopkins".

Cllr Kiener proposed that the Parish Council should itself look at this matter through contact with Land Registry and if it not owned by anyone what would be the process for registering ownership as the Parish Council have maintained it on behalf of WCC for many years.

This was agreed by all the Councillors and the Clerk asked to proceed in this matter.

The meeting closed at 8.05.p.m.

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