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Local News Items

Local News Items will be posted here

Severn Trent plans to close the road to through traffic from Station Road to Broad Marston Road from Monday 16th October, for up to 5 weeks . this is due to construction of a new sewage pipeline from Pebworth to Long Marston . Diversion signs will be in place

During August the main hall of the village Hall has been painted and new curtains hung. Damage to the emergency door and window has been fixed.

NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN - Following the implementation of the Core Strategy, and the inclusion of the Airfield in the agreed developments for the period of the plan, the Parish council has agreed that it would be appropriate to develop a Neighbourhood plan.
This is quite a significant piece of work, it replaces the Parish Plan, but will enable the village to influence building/development in the future and will also help to secure more input into local infrastructure finances ( see below Community Infrastructure Levy)
Malcolm Englishby will lead the plan for the Parish Council, and is keen to identify Volunteers to work on the Plan. Please contact Malcolm if you would like to get involved.
For more information on the topic - click here to be directed to SDC website

An appeal has been raised in with reference to Planning Application 14/02985/FUL - 5 Houses on Wyre Lane - appeal denied

For more information regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy which will replace 106 agreements in the future - click Parish and Partners for an explanatory document.

Look Out for your Electoral Registration Form - update it and return to Stratford District Council - or update online by clicking the link

For Parish Council Year End Accounts March 2017 - see Annual Returns page under Parish Council

WI 'Bra Bin' to be placed by door at Village Hall. Please donate any old bras, in a plastic bag please. These willl be turned into cash to help TROOP AID

Pebworth Oil Buying Club
For newcomers to the village - please note that there is a local oil buying group which successfully negotiates extremely competitive prices for oil. As there are now a significant number of members, orders are made relatively frequently, so you can always obtain oil when you need it a very good price.
Contact for details

Reduced price LPG

Energy Warwickshire( previously Warwickshire Community Oil Syndicate) is delighted to be in a position to offer reduced prices for LPG (liquid petroleum gas) as below:

How to join?


email or call on 01789 472661

Antisocial Behaviour and Unwanted Hawkers

Please contact a member of the Parish Council if you witness any antisocial behaviour or are subjected to verbal abuse from visiting Hawkers. Any information regarding these issues would be welcomed.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Community Safety Team at WCC has been running a campaign to support and revitalise the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. You can get involved as little or as much as you like - from receiving messages from the Police about crime in the area, to being a local co-ordinator. You can sidn up for messages by going to
If anyone is interested in organising a village scheme - please contact Joan Matthews for further information


FREE Road Safety Wheelie Bin Stickers - you can help with road safety
Telephone 01926 418612
or fill in the attached Form

more recycling materials (1294KB PDF) | wheelie bin poster (1924KB PDF) | wheelie bin sticker form (1588KB PDF) | Rural Crime Doc 1 (142KB PDF) | Rural Crime Doc 2 (105KB PDF) | Neighbourhood Plans (51KB PDF) | Proposed boundary change (1593KB PDF) | Parish Review Document Marton Sicca Quinton (189KB PDF) | Orchard Presentation May 8th 2013 - Survey Results (91KB PDF) | Bard vs Tony Bird 380 houses (75KB PDF) | Rainbow Nursery Response March 2014 (49KB PDF) | core strategy response March2014 (58KB PDF) | Tim Taylors Traffic Survey (53KB PDF) | Warks Fire And Rescue Service Consultation (104KB PDF) | JPCWG Objection 550 houses June2014 (137KB PDF) | Global Gathering 2014 (74KB PDF) | CODEX Appeal Decision (881KB PDF) | Codex Statements District councillor and MP (56KB PDF) | Electoral Registration form - Poster (431KB PDF) | Community Infrastructure Levy document (715KB PDF) | Vacancy for Parish Councillor (117KB PDF) | Advert - Parish Clerk 2017 (71KB PDF) | Advert - Parish Councillor May 2017 (55KB PDF) | Help with PDFs

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BARD Campaign (Better Accessible Responsible Development) | Stratford upon Avon - Consultation Core Strategy | Neighbourhood Watch Link | Planning Portal | Core Strategy Consultation Document Feb/March 2014 | SDC G&T Plan for Consultation | Online Electoral Roll Update | SDC - Neighbourhood Planning

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