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Welcome to the Poppin - our Village Shop and Post Office

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The Poppin Stores*

Opposite the Mason's Arms Pub in the Centre of the Village

On 5th May 1999 the old Village Shop, Post Office, garage and a scrap yard behind, were closed, having been bought by a developer who demolished them to make way for a small new housing development - Jackson's Orchard. We survived for two years without a shop or Post Office which resulted in a determination to replace both of them. A stipulation was placed on the developer - that one of the new houses must be a replacement village shop. Hence 14 Jacksons's Orchard became our new Village Shop and we called it The Poppin.

A committee was established, which sought grants, obtained loans from villagers, sold shares to locals, set up the interior, stocked the shop and carried out a multitude of other tasks. The Poppin opened on Saturday 14th July 2001. As well as having a Post Office, we provide all the usual products you would expect in a local village store - newspapers and magazines, bread and bakeries, milk and dairy goods, wine and beer, cigarettes and tobacco, ice creams and a wide range of basic household stores. We aim to recover our costs rather than make a profit, so we try to keep our prices down to extremely competitive levels

The Shop and Post Office are precious resources for us all - as well as adding value to your house. It is the envy of neighbouring villages like Clifford Chambers, Pebworth, Broad Marston, Bragington and Dorsington. Those of us who were here between 1999 and 2001, when there was no shop or post-office, well remember what a difference they made, and what a loss it would have been if we could not keep them going.

One thing that makes the shop special is that it is run 100% by some 50 volunteers, who agree to serve behind the counter, or help with stock, or open the shop or close it, etc. These are all familiar faces, to whom we are so grateful. If you feel you can contribute any spare time, you will be joining an energetic band of friends who keep the heart of the village beating. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Wiggy Taylor (Tel: 720275).

Additionally, you could become involved as a share-holder and vote at our AGMs. This only costs £10 because you are limited to one £10 share!

The Poppin is a great place to meet and chat, and keep up to speed on what is going on in the village. We have recently refurbished the inside and outside of the shop. There are new signs and soon there will be new outside lighting. We have created a congenial place to sit on sunny days outside the front of the shop. The more people that shop patronise the Poppin the better our chances of keeping it going.

As a relatively new person in the village you are able to take an unbiased view of the shop and bring fresh thoughts on how it might be improved. This would be especially valuable to us, so please do share them with us.

Our opening times are: Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm

Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays 9 am to 12 noon

This information about the shop and other village activities are on the Parish Council web-site at

Simon Kiener (Tel: 01789 721047, Chairman of the Poppin Management Committee)

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