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Speed Monitoring

Static Monitors

The Parish Council believes that the speed visors in the village have helped to reduce the speed of traffic passing through.
This also seems to be more effective with respect to traffic travelling North to South, ie through the village from Welford towards Mickleton.

Additional posts have been installed and the signs to be moved, to allow monitoring at different points in the village.

John Cummings presents information downloaded from the speed visors at the Parish Council meetings as data is available. See attached spreadsheets for figures.
The Parish Council continues to be pleased with the impact on speed of the installation of the visors.

The possiblity of a further static monitor has been discussed, but the Parish Counil wishes to reconsider alternative means of traffic calming, and therefore this decision has been deferred pending this review.

The downloads also supply valuable information relating to local traffic movements which are frequently used to support planning comments.

Notes from JC December 2014

1) The speed visors were moved during June 2013. If 2014 is compared with 2012 (2012 because the 2013 speed results are affected by the visors moving) the following can be seen:

The North Visor which has been moved nearer to Rumer Hill shows that now only 14% (2014 YTD) of traffic going past this visor is travelling less than 34 mph. When the visor was opposite the village shop this figure was 64% (2012).

The opposite seems to have happened with the South Visor. In its new position 52% of traffic is travelling less than 34 mph. Previously this was 48% (2012).

2) The median result for the North Visor in 2014 is 41 mph and the 85% percentile is 48 mph. (The 85% percentile is the speed at which 85% of the traffic is travelling at or less than). In 2012 these figures were 32 mph and 38 mph respectively.

The median result for the South Visor in 2014 is 33mph and the 85% percentile is 41 mph. In 2012 these figures were 34 mph and 41 mph respectively.

3) The visors only measure traffic movement coming into the village. The average traffic movement per month coming past the North Visor in 2014 has only increased by 5% since 2013. (2013 because the traffic volume results are not affected by the visors moving). However the average coming past the South Visor has increased by 15% since 2013. This is almost certainly due to traffic from the Meon Vale development using the village as a cut through. If we look at the average per month January to November 2014 compared with the same period in 2013 ( January to November) the increase is actually 17%.

Hand Held Speed Monitoring Equipment

Money from the Global Gathering Event has also allowed the Parish Council to purchase hand held monitoring equipment.

Volunteers from the village have been trained to use this equipment by the Police. A rota is arranged by John Cummings, and pairs of volunteers monitor traffic using the hand held equipment on a weekly basis at varying points within the village, pending volunteer availability. Any data collected is forwarded to the local police.

Further volunteers are always welcomed. For further information please contact John Cummings.

Bin Stickers

Help to remind people travelling throught the village that seppding is not acceptible by displaying stickers on your wheelie bins. Each household can request up to 2 free stickers - see the attached poster and form, and apply for your stickers.

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