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October 2008

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 20th October 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall
Present: Councillors J and S Matthews, , L Kiener, T Lightfoot, M Brain,S Gillespie, J Cummings, I Seccombe
8 Members of the public
1. Open Session

Annie Johnson asked if Severn Trent had any planned maintenance scheme for the village. JM refered her to Severn Trent.
AJ also reported an incident in the village whereby a 12 year old boy had reported to have been followed by a man in a small dark car at approximately 5:20. The boy had taken refuge in the shop from where his parents were called. A warning would be placed in the Newsletter. The police had been notified.

Jackie Johnson queried the design of the garage being erected at Box Bush Cottages, but it was confirmed to be as per plan, with a condition that it would not be used for residential purposes.

2. Apologies – none

3. Declaration of Interest – none

4. Minutes of Meeting of 21st September were agreed and signed.

5. Matters Arising – not covered by agenda items

* Outstanding overgrown hedges to be chased now that harvest completed
* The litter pick had been very successful even though very few people turned up. Bulbs had also been planted by all seats in the village. Snowdrops had been requested – and would be planted at later date.
* Seat plaques O/S
* A speaker would be at the meeting on November 17th to present information on standards and ethics.

6. County Councillors Report
There had been revised Spacial Strategy figures of an additional 4500 for Stratford area, and 1500 for Wychaven. Stratford’s allocation was in addition to the 5600 already planned for 2012-2026. No background or justification had accompanied the revised figures. Coventry had received no increase.
Councillor Seccombe believed that there was a very strong case to say NO, and was encouraging the County to reject the increase.
A paper had been approved relating to increased intake numbers in primary schools in Stratford. This would now go to consultation, and expected to be in place by September 2009.
For information – with respect to recent financial reports – neither WCC, nor the local Police had any investments in Icelandic banks.
Budget discussion for coming year had commenced.

7 District Councillors report – MB made further reference to the increase in housing numbers for 2012 onwards, by reading an extract from a document written by the SDC Cabinet planning officer. The additional 4500+ dwellings could be in the form of a new settlement. There was concern that this was a sneaky way to justify the proposed Eco Town, and the combined numbers for Stratford and Wychaven conveniently added up to the 6000 Eco dwellings proposed. SDC is looking into the most suitable position for a new settlement.
There would now be a 6 week consultation. The Parish Council is expected to make comment in this consultation period.

There was disappointment at the turnout for the St Modwen’s presentation in the village and it was thought that there was confusion over the fact that the Master Plan was independent of the Eco Town. The total number of less than 200 attendees reported by St Modwen at both village and Quinton presentations was thought to be an under estimate.

A Flood Grant of £3200 ( highest awarded to any village) was available to be used for best advantage – ie not allocated for a specific job( later queried by Flood Team – to be confirmed).

The Bard Event of 29th September had been well attended ( approx 400 people), received good press coverage, and as pig and sausages had been donated – made a profit.

The Bulldog Bash debrief had not clarified the situation for next year.
Revised sped limit on B4632 implemented had been agreed., and repairs had been made to the culverts at Clifford.
Further speed reductions would be implemented on Bordon Hill ( 40) and Shipston Road(30).

There had been group discussions at Ettington Community Centre with reference to provision of affordable housing in the district. The main problem relates to funding. Currently a landowner receives only £10K per household. This was seen as outdated and unrealistic. Some Housing Associations would pay more, but land is still not available. The recent housing survey form used to identify village needs should be revisited, and areas of village suitable identified.

8 Planning – no items

9 Finance

JC presented an updated financial situation
The following payments were agreed:
TJ Design – Newsletter £117.00
Radarlux – speed visors £7102.57
N Power direct debit £22.61
WRCC Subscription £22.50
Limebridge – verges £378.36
TJ Design Newsletter £134.50
Tim Lightfoot – Visor cable £24.26
Village Hall £10.00
Total £7809.80

Although no acknowledgement had been received with respect to the Awards for all return, it was agreed not to follow up – no news is OK news.

10 Bio Diverstiy Action Plan – had been circulated – no comments made

11 Website
Laptop currently with SDC. There had been a problem accessing the Central Management Console, and SDC had agreed to look at our laptop. Meanwhile the CMC had been taken off line due to technical difficulties, and until restored, no further action could be taken to establish our own individual problem.
Updates of the Website would not be possible until resolved.

12 Vehicle Activate Sign
TL reported that further grant forms had been received. It was agreed not to pursue at this time. Resources were not currently available to erect 3rd post. When install is to take place – must ensure that there will be no light impact on local residents.
St Modwens had requested traffic movement information from the speed Visors. This was declined – the data would be treated as confidential.

The initial statistics indicated that northbound traffic had slowed by and average 9.4 mph in the morning and 2.4 mph in the evening. Southbound indicating a marginal decrease only, but considered to have been effective.

The effect of the closure of Bidford Bridge would be measurable from downloaded visor data.

13 Flood Team Report
See separate report
Statement made by MB queried with reference to grant received, as understood that had to be used towards a specific scheme with March 2009 deadline. – MB would seek clarification.
Dorsington Road currently being surveyed to see if there is a possibility of a reduced scheme which would be beneficial.

Airfield – MB working with landowner to tidy up the site.

14 St Modwen’s
50% of workforce had recently been made redundant as a result of the global financial situation. 2 major projects had been moth balled. It is anticipated that planning permission would be sought for the Master Plan project, but no further action taken. SDC anticipate that planning permission would be sought for Option 5 – Leisure Led Mixed Use: 500 houses + holiday/leisure facilities.
However also believe that if permission given and lies dormant, subsequent change of status to Option 6 Residential led mixed use – 2200 residential properties + limited leisure will be sought.
Dilemma situation - Under current planning restrictions, either scheme should be rejected, but current temporary planning permission ceases in December 2009, and a plan has to be agreed

Agreed that Parish Council should respond to the exhibition options. Parish Councillors to provide comments in next week and JM agreed to formulate response from these comments by 3rd November.

15 Village Maintenance
* Outstanding issues – Brickall barrier, Station Road footpath, church verge still with Geoff Morris
* JM would ask resident at Rumer Close to remove the bag of sand from the cartilage and return to original state..

16 Correspondence
Recent information received relating to sporting activities available was not received until after the events. TL had complained and would be E-mailed in advance in future to allow distribution of information in god time.
Community Forum – December 2nd – open to members of the parish as well as Councillors

All other correspondence to be circulated.

17 Date of Next Parish council Meeting
November 16th 2008 at 7:30 in Village Hall

Meeting closed at 9.05 pm

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