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September 2008

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council Annual General Meeting held on Monday 15th Sept 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall
Present: Councillors J and S Matthews, , L Kiener, T Lightfoot, M Brain
7 Members of the public
1. Open Session

In response to a query, JM clarified that the Judicial Review, agreed with reference to the proposed Eco Development, would question the process by which Government has developed its Eco Town Policy .

Jackie Johnson reported that the hedge opposite the orchard was obstructing the footpath. JM would investigate.

2. Apologies – Councillors Cummings, Gillespie and Seccombe.

3. Declaration of Interest – none

4. Minutes of Meeting of 21st were agreed and signed.

5. Matters Arising – not covered by agenda items

* JM had written to the Warden regarding the recent dog bite incident, but no reply had been received.
* All overgrown paths dealt with except that reported tonight
* Geoff Timms of Severn Trent had not replied to enquiry regarding he outstanding work in the village, however following intervention from John Maples, communication had been received from the Warwickshire works manager. No further action to be taken.
* With reference to the Post Office closures, confirmation had been received that the village Post office would not be closing .

6. County Councillors Report – not available

7. District Councillors report – During the Judicial Review, further meetings will take place with local councils so that the campaign is ready to take action whatever the decision.

Global Gathering – One lady received a severe injury, otherwise incident free, considered to be very successful overall.
£14810 received for local charities which was spread locally, to include £4000 towards the speed activated signs, and £1000 for Open Space Fund in the village. Other recipients included Quinton school, Quinton Quads drama group, Parish Council, Adminton Parish Council, and 3 local churches ( including St James) also received £1000 each.

Bulldog Bash – Police believed the operation to be very successful, though thought locally to be over zealous. Debrief at Quinton Village Hall Sept 17th @ 7:00 pm.

Bard is holding a social event on Sept 24th 6-9 pm at Quinton on anniversary of the Decision to implement the Eco Town policy.

B634 – 50 mph introduction – being slow to be implemented – MB to pursue. Geoff Morris has produced an emergency report relating to the breakdown of the culvert on this road, and the potential associated danger.
St Modwen masterplan – options are
500 homes and mixed employment and leisure
3000+ houses, no employment
SDC has problems with both options.

PACT forums with SDC and Parish Councils will be taking place. Any member of the public or Parish Council can attend and express concerns about any issue. Police will consider and report back within 3 months. PACT forms are available in Poppin.

8. Planning – 23 The Brickall – plans for extension passed on appeal.
MB is being consulted on access at Rainbow Nurseries ( not in our parish). A further entrance has been established without planning permission – thought could be for retail purposes.

9. Finance

JC had taken over the accounts and produced a very impressive set of accounts
The following payments were agreed:
Cotswold Teak – bench £260.00
Limebridge. Verges £189.18
Clement Keys – audit £158.63
TJ Design Aug Newsletter £117.00
Hire of hall £13.50
Tim Lightfoot – bulbs £48.94 ( overpaid by £28.94)
Steven Popplewell – footpaths £100.00
Limebridge Verges £189.19
Came and Company £25.00 Additional ins
Time Lightfoot £23.45 Speed Vizor

Total £1124.88

Other payments authorised at meeting:
TJ Design – sept newsletter £117.00
WRCC renewal £22.50

Fixing of Seat still outstanding

Speed Visor – the cost of the 2 Visors - £6044.74, of which £5600 has been received from Global Gathering and local donations, leaving Parish Council contribution of £444.

LK/JM had completed the Awards for All return relating to Website provision.

10. Website
The Website was steadily being updated though the problem with loss of access to the SDC server was still making this difficult. SDC had investigated the problem but thought that it would not be resolved until the SDC Firewall had been updated.
LK would investigate why search engines such as Google did not select our Website.

11. Vehicle Activate Sign

JM thanked TL on behalf of the Parish Council and the Village. The signs had now been installed and the activation speed set at 34 mph. Residents local to the signs would be asked to keep the relevant hedges trimmed.
Signs had been secured as recommended. LK to install software on to PC laptop and details of speeds, times and dates would be recorded – information may be helpful to BARD.
Although best available solar panels purchased, TL also has backup charger if solar energy insufficient.
A 3rd sign could be funded for £3200, and a suggested site was by telegraph pole 100metres from village boundary. Following discussion it was agreed that a further post would be obtained for £175, which would allow one of the current visors to be moved, but purchase of a 3rd visor would be considered at a later date.
It was agreed not to pursue the idea of speed stickers on Wheely bins unless speed continued to be a major problem.

MB reported that Long Compton had purchased a speed gun for use in all of the Stour Valley Area. Darren Fretwell could be contacted for use in the village if thought appropriate.

12. Flood Team Report
See separate report
Information urgently needed about any flooding history on the Army Camp area – evidence also required – contact M Brain.

13. Airfield – Most covered by District Councillors Report
Concern has been expressed in relation to money received from Airfield events. Parish Council no longer a consultative body with respect to licensing, and so receipt of funds not considered to place PC in compromising situation.

14. St Modwen’s
JM has been invited to Stakeholder forum with respect to the Eco Development. Developers currently attempting to hold two separate events – one for Parish Councils and one for other bodies.
These are informal and no minutes are being taken. JM to accept invitation in principle, but will decline agreement to 2 separate meetings.

A Shelter publication was shown to meeting, supporting the development on grounds of provision of affordable housing. This is an expensive pamphlet supported financially by the DCLG. Agreed that a strong response should be made to this publication, even though the need for affordable housing is recognised.

15. Parish Biodiversity Plan – deferred until October meeting

16. Village Maintenance
* Litter Pick September 20th, 10:00 am Village Hall. Daffodil bulbs to be planted round trees and seats at same time.
* Outstanding issues – Brickall barrier, Station Road footpath, church verge with Geoff Morris – he will also look into verge at old Methodist Chapel
* Seat plaques still outstanding..

17. Correspondence
Rural Housing forum to be held October 8th – JM to attend
Hedgehog bus – services being maintained, new vehicle imminent. – TL to attend next meeting on Oct 8th.
Car Parking charges in Stratford District – designed to spread financial burden across area.
Changes to Planning consultation – to be circulated

18. Date of Next Parish council Meeting
October 20th 2008 at 7:30 in Village Hall

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