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June 2008

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 16th June 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall
Present: Councillors J and S Matthews, S Gillespie, L Kiener, T Lightfoot
7 Members of the public
1. Open Session
Jackie Johnson reported that the hedges were overgrown along the route to the church. SM would have a word with Joe Page.

Mr Johnson expresses concern about speeding, The proposed vizor would not record vehicle speeds, but this could be done manually if necessary. Speed had been monitored in the village the previous week. TL reported that the previous road survey had recorded the majority of vehicles at 30-40 mph, with very few over 60 mph.

Concern was raised about visibility around wheely bins when the new collections were introduced. This would be monitored. It was reported that a resident of the Brickall had recently had a blue bin stolen. SG questioned whether this had been removed by the Council as currently not being a standard bin.

Annie Johnson asked if the new waste scheme would allow food disposal in the garden waste if wrapped in biodegradable plastic. It was thought not, but was a question for the help desk.

Severn Trent has instigated 2 pieces of work in the village – Balfour Beatty would be repairing/replacing the water mains where necessary. The work on the sewage system had been delayed. AJ insisted that the report on the sewage inspection should still be sought. JM had received no response to her request but would write again.

Noise on previous Saturday had been fireworks at Dorsington.

2. Apologies – M Brain, J Cummings

3. Declaration of Interest – none

4. Minutes of Meeting on 19th May were agreed and signed

5. Matters Arising – not covered by agenda items

* Severn Trent to be contacted again about status report
* Information Sheet – almost updated – soon to be on Website

6. County Councillors Report – not available

7. District Councillors report – not available

8. Planning
A copy of the Planning application submitted from Farm Waste Services at Stratford Agri Park had been received – a framed building to stage animal carcasses, had been received for comment. This is outside our Parish , so would be circulated for comment rather than discussed at meeting.

9. Finance

The lighting cost had been investigated by JM, and it was concluded that it had not been calculated correctly in the past , and that the £469.89 was for a complete year which JM thought was correct. JM to confirm the hours of operation of the lighting.

The following payments were agreed:
T J Design. Newsletter May £117
Limebridge. Verges April £331.35 inc Vat, 1xverge, 2x churchyard
Avon business Systems £608.36 see Website
NPower £465.89

Total £1522.60

10. Website
A new laptop had been obtained, with Microsoft Office loaded. LK would arrange for SDC to install VPN software. Investigation of mobile internet access suggested that Vodafone would provide the best coverage and would refund if did not work in the village. LK to check with SDC that this is OK, and also to test the system with a T-mobile dongle.

11. Vehicle Activate Sign

TL reported on the grant search in progress. He had received no response from some of these, but had completed 2 applications, though allocation meetings not imminent. WCC risk assessment to be completed

12. Flood Team Report
See separate report

13. Airfield – nothing to report

14. St Modwen’s
The anti Eco town campaign was still very active. St Modwen’s to hold a number of public meetings. Further Anti Eco events to include a meeting at Evesham on Friday, and a presence at both Dorsington Open Gardens and Alscott Park Garden Scheme afternoon. The consultation period is drawing to and end and everyone is encouraged to write to Caroline Flint individually. Parish Council also to write independently.

St Modwen had placed an advert in the Stratford Herald, but not the Evesham Journal asking for opinions. This would not be responded to directly – but via the letter to Caroline Flint.

15. Village Maintenance
* Manhole on Station Road damaged. Flood Team had established this to be the responsibility of Network Rail
* Outstanding issues – Brickall barrier, Station Road footpath, church verge - no progress
* Seat – had looked at possibilities in correspondence but very expensive. Will continue to look. JM to investigate suggestion that can be made at Long Lartin if material supplied. Englishby’s also a possibility.

16. Correspondence
Children’s Centres being developed across the area.
SW Joint Committee ( District and County Councils) meeting on 19th June

17. Date of Next Parish council Meeting
July 21st 2008 at 7:30 in Village Hall
Meeting closed at 8:10 pm

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