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March 2008

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council Meeting
held on Monday 17th March 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall
Present: Councillors J and S Matthews, M Brain, S Gillespie, L Kiener, T Lightfoot, J
9 Members of the public
1. Open Session
Annie Johnson asked about food disposal when new bins in operation. New bins
expected to be in use August this year. Information will be published in Newlsetter
when available. Food can be disposed of in garden waste recycle bin but not in
A £12000 excess had been applied to AJ’s home insurance pending the outcome of
Severn Trent report+subsequent action. It was advised that she should contact Dave
Tylie at SDC, as out of hands of Parish Council.
MB would speak to Dave Tylie regarding the water collection in ditch on South Side
of Station Road which was currently full. SDC could prosecute as last resort if owners
did not resolve problem.
Currently no water behind church – appears recent activity had been successful. –
the village had not flooded in recent rain where others had.
Anyone not having claimed £250 relating to last years flooding had unitl 1st April to

Tim Taylor was also still in discussion with Insurers and asked about the progress of
the 3rd major exit route of water from village. This was being undertaken privately,
and PC did not have details, though understood that there would be work along
Grange Court. Dave Tylie to be contacted for details. TT very unhappy about
Report still outstanding from Severn Trent. Some pumping had been required at
Northend during previous weekend.

Mr Johnson reported that the ‘old’ postman must be due back after 8 weeks,
although it was possible that he had been moved to another route. It was agreed that
the service had improved dramatically without him, and that a further campaign of
complaints would be established if he returned.

Jackie Johnson complained about the workmen at Whatcote parking on the verge. It
was reported by MB that this was a police matter and that Jackie should report it to

2. Apologies – I Seccombe.

3. Declaration of Interest – none

4. Confirmation of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on 18 February 2008 were agreed and signed.

5. Matters Arising – not covered under agenda items
* Pub Lighting – MB had discussed with Enforcement at SDC. There was no
offence, and no planning required as within cartilage and facing downwards.
* Village Info On-going. LK to help JM to complete

6. County Councillor’s Report – All energies being directed towards the anti Eco

7. District Councillor’s Report
Concentration on the anti Eco campaign. There had been some flooding at Quinton
over the weekend. More dredging required, but no finance available.

8. Planning
No items

9. Finance

The following payments were agreed:

Village Hall Hire £13.50
Feb Newsletter – TJ Design £99.50
SDC – Website training £75.00
J Matthews clerk fee ( all year) £500.00
Petty Cash £38.44
Total £726.44

10. Computer/Broadband Update
J Cummings has obtained a Laptop. LK to establish software requirements.
Agreed access to SDC site would be required by all Parish Councillors, and
representatives from the shop(Brett) and Village Hall.

11. Traffic speed/Vehicle Activated Sign
TL reported that Health and Safety clearance still awaited.

12. Flood Team Update
See separate report.

13. Airfield
No items

14. Long Marston Storage/St Modwens/Eco town
MB reported that the government was still providing mixed messages despite being
4.5 months down the line. It had now been determined that the number of dwellings
would be part of the local allocation for 5600 in the Stratford area.
JM read a press statement in which WCC stated that they had not been consulted
on the issue to date, and should the area be short listed then they would be requiring
answers to a lot of searching questions.
If selected as a new town – SDC would only act in a consultative capacity only, the
decision would be at Government level.
MB said that he believed that the area would be selected on the basis on the
financial basis that the Government would receive 50% clawback per household.
Activities in support of opposition so far:
Petition – 1000 signatories received at roadshow. Been handed to Shire Hall
Protest Walk
Protest at Camp
Help had been received from Stansgate Planning, Planning Barrister. Excellect
media support had also been received.
More people needed

Although significant financial support had been received from Felix Dennis, a
Charitable Trust was to be established. FD had employed a PR company to develop
the anti lobby campaign.

The pressure must be maintained. Recommended that everyone continues to take
every opportunity to continue to campaign against the potential decision.
All communication/letters to be re-sent.

15. Village Maintenance
JM, SM and LK had recently had a local meeting with G Morris of WCC with some
* Wyre Lane barrier to be installed. To be post and rail.
* Footpaths to be improved.
* Bench can be erected at 3 Rumer Close
* Dorsington Road – in hands of Network Management – to be in new financial
* State of Footpaths and footpath to Station road – with Network Services. If
any evidence can be obtained to support the fact that these were previously
in existence this would strengthen the case for re-instatement.
Other items:
* Bins in Wyre Lane now on a Wednesday rota for being emptied – if not
apparent – can now officially complain.
* Dog Mess – need to name and shame
* Plaque – still outstanding
* Agreed that TL could spend up to £25 to plant daffodils round trees in village.

16. Correspondence
Best Kept Village competition – the nature of this had changed completely, and was
much more in line with the Calor Competition. This could therefore require
presentations by village etc. A vote of 6:1 was recorded in favour of not entering this
year on basis of changed format.
No other significant correspondence.

17. Date of Next Parish council Meeting
April 21st 2008 at 7:30 in village Hall

Meeting closed at 8:30 pm

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