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February 2008

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council Meeting
held on Monday 18th February 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall
Present: Councillors J and S Matthews, M Brain, S Gillespie, L Kiener, T Lightfoot
11 Members of the public
1. Open Session
Mr Johnson reported more dog mess in Brickall/Wyre Lane area and requested
another entry in the Newsletter.
Annie Johnson referred to the Master Plan as mentioned by St Modwen in the
Herald. MB confirmed that this related to the plan for the Army Camp.
Annie also reported that the lighting at the pub was ‘abhorant’, giving a very stark and
cold appearance, and asked if this was restricted by any controls – see maintenance.
Bill Tempest reported that David Marcuse had emptied the bin in Wyre Lane. JM has
written to SDC 5 times wrt to the bin. Biffa should be emptying the bin. A rota is
needed to be able to monitor the problem. MB to follow up with SDC.
Jackie Johnson requested that a village information leaflet should be produced as the
previous one had been very useful. JM said this was in progress, and that the
information would also be available on the Website, once up and running.

2. Apologies – J Cummings.
NB JC has offered to take over the finances from JM.

3. Declaration of Interest – none

4. Confirmation of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on 21 January 2008 and the Planning/Parish Plan
meeting held on 8 February were agreed and signed.

5. Matters Arising – not covered under agenda items
* Health and Safety issue – difficulty in making contact – MB reported that the
call centre should direct caller to appropriate are for action. The action should
have been WCC, not SDC, but agreed that the outcome of this item was

* The Police ahd been E-mailed regarding antisocial behaviour but no reply had
been received.

* Contractors had completed the tarmac in the Brickall, all except for the

6. County Councillor’s Report – none

7. District Councillor’s Report
MB reported that the decision regarding the Eco Town shortlisted sites had been
delayed. Understood that Central Government now planning a mid March decision.
The presentation by St Modwens and Tony Bird to SDC has also now been delayed.
The message relating to the impact of the proposed Eco New Town had to be put
across to Stratford residents. Market stall would be manned in Stratford, followed by
road shows to be taken to local villages. It was essential that the campaign was
maintained. Volunteers were needed to man the road shows. TL to liase with Angela
Dandy to ensure that the most comprehensive list of E-mail addresses was available.

8. Planning
The Parish council had no objection to application 08/00024/FUL for a replacement
garage at Budleigh as discussed at meeting of 8 Feb.

9. Finance
A quote had been received for grass cutting from Limebridge of:
£86 for verges
£73.50 for churchyard
This represents an increase of 4.8%
In view of concerns regarding the churchyard, a separate quote had been obtained
for this work from P Hewins of £425 per annum ( 11 cuts – clippings to be collected).
John Porter would arrange for the church to be maintained separately, and
Limebridge would be informed accordingly. However - Limebridge has agreed to
include the churchyard again if the alternative arrangements are not satisfactory.
Public Liability to be checked before P Hewins starts work on churchyard.

The following payments were agreed:
Village Hall Hire £10
Feb Newsletter – TJ Design £99.50
WCC – Lighting Maintenance £142.76
A Dandy – Parish Plan £381.37
Total £633.63

Payments Received:
SDC – Verge allowance 2007 £820
WCC – Footpath maintenance £100
Total £920

10. Computer/Broadband Update
J Cummings had agreed to obtain a Laptop.This would be with operating software
only. Agreed that this is fine – would prefer to obtain legitimate software licences.

11. Traffic speed/Vehicle Activated Sign
TL reported that Health and Safety clearance still awaited. Keen for us village to be
used to pilot the scheme.
Lights to operate 24/07.Care to be taken regarding intrusive aspect of flashing lights.
JM thanked TL for his persistence.

12. Parish Plan Update
2 people had not received a copy of Parish Plan. Angela was thanked for all of hard
work which went into the document. An additional 50 copies had been ordered to
allow for new residents. AD to sort out final costs with Awards for All in view of asmall
Points on the Action Plan to be addressed within 3 months had been discussed at
the meeting on 8 Feb, and PC regard all to be under consideration. A report to be
made in Newsletter.
Village information pamphlet currently being updated.

13. Flood Team Update
Severn trent have been in village investigating the condition of the public sewerage
system. There are rumours of partial collapse at North end of village – but condition
of all system to be confirmed in written report – eta 2-3 weeks.
Copy of monthly report attached.
SDC flood prevention plan mentions that 23 houses in Long Marston flooded, and
that old drainage system compromised and not reinstateable, and therefore consider
that situation of village now recognised and under consideration.

14. Airfield
SDC in Partnership currently looking into Airfield activities

15. Long Marston Storage/St Modwens/Eco town
The Parish Council is very disappointed with St Modwens. The previously very good
communications links appear to have been severed. MB reported that few people
within the St Modwen organisation had been aware of the proposal for the Eco town
before the announcement. The issue had been on the Politics show again on the
previous Sunday.

16. Village Maintenance
* Thanks were offered to David Marcuse for emptying the bin on Wyre Lane
* Seat In bus Shelter – MB would glue in short term and see how performs.
Significant amount of work to replace.
* Seat at Rumer Close – still awaiting outcome of ownership search
* Plaques in hand
* Wyre Lane barrier still outstanding
* Dorsington Road – in hands of Network Management
* State of Footpaths and footpath to Station road – awaiting meeting with WCC

17. Correspondence
All had been circulated except for 1 item – considered non vital.
JM had attended a liason meeting where revision to the waste and recycle service
was presented. New arrangements will be published in advance of implementation.
The meeting also included a presentation on Planning for Wildlife.

18. Date of Next Parish council Meeting
March 17th 2008 at 7:30 in village Hall

Meeting closed at 8:15 pm

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