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March 2016

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 21st March 2016 at 7.30.p.m in the Village Hall.

Present. Cllr Mike Brain Chairman. Cllrs Kiener, Johnsey and Hodges.

District Councillor P Barnes.

10 members of the public.

1.APOLOGIES had been received from Cllr Tempest and County Cllr Seccombe.

2.DECLARATION OF INTEREST. Cllr Hodges – airfield matters.


Complaint about condition of verges in Wyre Lane – Cllr Johnsey to investigate.

Still concerns over speed of traffic through village and what measures could be taken to calm it. Various suggestions were made including chicanes and rumble strips etc. Many schemes could not be introduced because of the lack of street lighting but the Clerk was requested to contact WCC yet again to see if any measures could be implemented


Minutes of 18th January and Planning meeting 1st March had been circulated to all Councillors - approved by those present at those meetings – Cllr Kiener and Cllr Johnsey and signed by Cllr Keiner as correct.


Speed Visors. John Cummings had advised that the company which maintained these has gone out of business. He has however contacted a former worker from the company. Took the speed visors to him where the batteries and one fuse were replaced. One is now working with the hope that the other one will come on line. Any decision as to replacing and the cost involved to be made when full condition of existing visors is clarified.

Footpath to Station Road. Clerk still awaiting response from Ben Simm, Senior Development Management Engineer WCC. Has been chased again copying in Cllr Seccombe . Discussion on a possible change of site of any footpath and who owned land adjacent to verge and any liability on Parish Council if separate action taken. Cllrs advised that rough area to the east of verge is owned by the landowner of the adjacent field. It was felt that footpath should be reinstated in it's previous position alongside the road. Parish Councillors to inspect area whilst awaiting response from WCC.

Dead Overhanging Trees. Tree Warden has now contacted owner of Old Rectory and arranged for a tree surgeon to visit. No charge to be made on Parish Council.

Condition of Footpath SD40. Richard Barnard from WCC has visited and has stated that given the time of year and location of the path, in his judgement the level of mud on the path does not cause unreasonable interference to walkers.


Cllr Seccombe had sent her apologies with offer to help in any matter raised tonight. No report.


A reminder to all that dogs need to be microchipped by 6th April.

Stratford District Council is in top 10% of Councils for recycling.

Core Strategy. After 6 week consultation period due soon, then a final decision is hoped for in June. No migration ( overspill) is expected from Birmingham or Coventry instead going to Worcestershire and Black Country.

Building on the new Primary School on the St Modwen's site is expected to start this year and it will be a Free School – not under financial control of County Council.

Welford School is still full and a proposal to join another school to form an Academy has fallen through.

There will be no site visit from the Planning Committee for the Hopkins Field Planning Application. The only valid reason for refusal concerns access and this is being objected to by Warwickshire County Council at present. It may yet go to Planning Committee.

Bloor Site. No rented affordable homes. Instead they will be offered on a shared equity basis. 60/40% meaning a 2 bedroomed house can be purchased for £125,000 as long as applicants are on housing register and satisfy local criteria.


Short report given on Planning Meeting on March 1st by Cllr Kiener. Minutes will be on website.

The Orchard Site. 106 agreement had been signed on 2nd December last year. Still awaiting finalisation and signing of lease for Open Space.

Bloor Site. 106 agreement now amended to take shared equity down to 60/40%.

Verge opposite was cleared over Clean for Queen weekend and strong request made for verge opposite to be repaired now that main entrance to site is finished.

15/04492.REM. Meon Vale. This related to reserved matters on this development and we made no representation.

14/03579/OUT.Long Marston Airfield. 400 Homes. This application had to be reheard by Planning Committee due to technical matters raised in Core Strategy inspection. Approved by Committee at District Council.

14/02954/FUL.Rainbow Nurseries. Inspector had made decision to grant this application for 6 gypsy pitches on site west of Welford Road.

14/02145/FUL. Rainbow Nurseries. Increase of pitches on existing site from 3 to 8. Although both Mike Brain and Cllr Barnes spoke against this, supporting Welford Parish Council , it was granted by the District Council Planning Committee.

16/00024/ADJCON.Codex/Bird Site. Reserved matters for first 84 homes. No direct response made. Alistair Adams, District Councillor for Wychavon, had asked if this Parish Council wished to be involved in consultation. Chairman M Brain thought that we should even though it is out of our area, because of new roundabout etc. He will represent us at any consultation.


Bank Mandate completed sent to HSBC and acknowledged.

Village Hall Hiring Cost. Advice received of increase from £13 to £20 for Parish Council meeting and increase from £6 to £10 for Planning Meetings. Councillors thought that this was a large significant rise and Clerk was asked to contact Village Hall committee to ask why increase was so large.

Audit Procedures for 2017/18. Notice had been received from WALC concerning an option to OPT OUT of current arrangements if required. Various elements were included in consultation including amount of Income and Auditors charges. Following WALC's advice this Council decided not to opt out so no action was to be taken.

Financial Report. Detailed report from RFO John Cummings showed available cash in hand, after reserved funds were excluded, of £22.982.90. Report filed with these minutes as usual.

Approval given for 12 payments made since the October meeting totalling £1,720.35. Nothing over £500. Mainly Newsletter, grass cutting and Website Hosting Fee. List attached to financial report.

Section 137 expenditure. New limit for 2016/17 advised at £7.42.


Cllr Kiener advised that despite lots of hard work and making contacts, including the Heart of England Forest, we are still unable to produce a map to our requirements. It was decided to delay any further effort until the Core Strategy is approved and building development controlled so that an up to date detailed map can be produced. To be kept on the Agenda.


Further concern expressed by local resident over continued deterioration of this track which is not registered to any owner. Increased use by Severn Trent reported, so Clerk has contacted them again and is awaiting a response. They had originally offered £5000 towards any cost of repair which had been quoted by WCC at £8000 – the discount against a normal cost being their contribution ,because of the use of their own contractors. It has always been felt that the Parish Council should not pay the remainder – it is a private access for vehicles and the Parish Council has no moral or legal responsibility in this matter. The responsibility remains with Severn Trent, private householders at Railway Cottages and local farmer who uses track for access. The state of the road does not impact on the Public Footpath element.


Cllr Brain asked Cllr Hodges if the Bulldog Bash would go ahead after this year – their 30th Anniversary. They would also be there in 2017, depending on planning matters. Small businesses would also remain in the short term


Verge Opposite Bloor Site. Cllr Brain has asked that this be repaired asap.

Bench in Bus Shelter. This expected to be repaired this week.

Clean for the Queen. Very successful. 14 residents took part although Bloor Homes did not clear the hedge opposite their site until after the weekend.

Secret vodka drinkers seemed to be the main culprits with many bottles being recovered from ditches at south of village.

14. Correspondence.

All circulated to Councillors. Nothing needing response,

Date of next meeting. Annual General Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting on May 16th 2016.

Meeting closed at 8.30.p.m

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