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July 2016

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council held on Monday 18th July 2016

At 7:30pm in the Village Hall

Present: Chairman Cllr M Brain, Cllrs L Kiener, A Hodges , W Tempest and I Johnsey.

16 Members of the public + District Councillor Barnes and County Councillor Seccombe.

1. Apologies. All Councillors present. Apology received from Mrs B Farrell- resident.

2. Declarations of Interest. Cllr Hodges. -all matters relating to Long Marston Airfield and Orchard Development.

3. Open Session.

Public Footpath reported twelve months ago down Wyre lane still not cleared. Clerk to chase yet again.

Report from resident of Meon Vale that the kissing gates at each end of extended Greenway not suitable for disabled access. Cllr Seccombe will take this forward.

Dog bins on Greenway not being emptied. This has been reported to the County Council twice in the last week. They have now been cleared. Cllr Brain reported that confusion had arisen between County Council and District Council at the end of a contract but this has now been resolved and emptying should now take place at appropriate intervals.

Agenda items 7 and 8 moved forward because of the need for District and County Councillors to attend other meetings this evening.

7. County Councillors Report.

Cllr Seccombe reported on the acclaimed success of the County Council's apprenticeship scheme – “Skills to Work “ The new administration had last year allocated £2M to create an apprentice hub. 70-80% stayed within the County Council. Many large businesses have taken part but there is a need for smaller businesses to join and a scheme of shared apprenticeships will facilitate this. Volunteering small businesses are needed.This year there were well over 100 applications for 49 places. They have been nominated for a national award and news of this will come in September. The Federation of Small Businesses has already given the County Council an award in acknowledgement of the success of this scheme.

8. District Councillors Report.

Core Strategy now approved by District Council. Spoke about B4632 and road safety in regard to housing developments along this road.106 agreements yet to be signed in regard to funding for road works at Clifford Mill and Stratford Garden Centre.Confirmation given that Long Marston is now designated as a category 4 Local Service Village.

New hall needed at Welford School to accommodate all pupils and negotiations are taking place with Cllr Vaudrey about use of 106 funds to build this. Cllr Brain advised that there is only 40% of the funds available to build this.

Consultation is taking place with the Police , communities and local Councils concerning reducing the speed limit between Welford and Long Marston to 50 mph. Cllr Brain advised that Welford Parish Council had previously blocked the proposal to extend the 30mph limit up to the Golf Course because of the fear of further development.

Cllr Brain, Chairman, invited questions from the floor to either Councillor.

Concern was raised about lack of school places at Welford with reports of some local children being sent to Snitterfield.Cllr Seccombe said that numbers varied greatly every September – some classes at Welford now contained 33 pupils – new guidelines give priority to siblings of those already attending. Funding for schools now came direct from the Government leading to a less close relationship between schools and the County Council. New Academies took funding for initial startups then left the relationship, leading to large debts to be paid off. Cllr Seccombe advised the meeting that planning for schools etc is done years ahead taking into account housing development etc. A question was raised as to why the new Meon Vale School was not to be built ahead of development. Schedule of build is in the programme of building already approved by the District Council and will start when a certain trigger point in development is reached. Cllr Brain advised that the new development on the Airfield is being applied to be given Garden City status. This means extra funding available for certain facilities.

4. Co-option of Councillors. Cllr Brain explained the legal procedure relating to co-option and invited the three applicants to make a presentation of about 5 mins each. At this point Mr Tim Farrell declared that although he had volunteered, this he was now withdrawing leaving two applicants to fill the two vacant seats. Cllr Brain thanked him for his action in volunteering and for his interest in village affairs.

The other two applicants. Malcolm Englishby and Mike Hillier then gave a short presentation introducing themselves and give a potted history including what skills they could bring to the Council. Several questions were then put to the two applicants from sitting Councillors including matters of commitment, timing of application, availability for meetings, and co-operation with existing Councillors.

Both applicants were deemed to be suitable for co-option and it was proposed by Cllr Brain and seconded by Cllr Kiener that they be co-opted onto Marston Sicca Parish Council .This was approved by the meeting. It was proposed by Cllr Brain and seconded by Cllr Hodges that the new Councillors take their seat immediately. Approved by the meeting.

Both applicants had already read the Code of Conduct and agreed to abide by this and signed and read out the Declaration of Acceptance of Office which will be forwarded to the District Council. Forms for the Declarations of Financial Interest were handed to the two new Councillors, to be completed and returned to the Clerk within 14 days.

5 .Minutes for Annual Meeting 16th May confirmed. Prop Cllr Kiener.Seconded Cllr Hodges.

Minutes for Planning Meeting 20th June confirmed. Prop Cllr Kiener Seconded Cllr Tempest

Minutes for Planning Meeting 27th June confirmed. Proposed by Cllr Kiener.Seconded Cllr Johnsey.

  1. Matters arising.

Speed Visors. One still not working. Cllr Tempest advised that it was of vital importance that these were in working order. Cost for replacement to be investigated by new Portfolio Holder. Cllr Brain advised that certain grants were available and should be investigated.

Footpath to Station Road. Cllr Brain had met with new Localities Officer Michael Rogers who advised that there would never be any money available to re-instate this footpath. Further investigation as to cost etc to be undertaken by new Portfolio Holder as it was felt that this footpath would form the missing link to create a safe round circuit including The Greenway.

Whilst talking with Michael Graham, Cllr Brain discussed the open ditch opposite the Church and the lower end of Wyre Lane. ( see Village Maintenance- item 13).

  1. 9. Planning.

Reports given on Planning Meetings 20th and 27th June. See minutes of these.

Meeting held with Lagan homes regarding the Orchard Development. Notes taken at meeting read out and filed with these minutes.

Bloor Homes had held a Public Exhibition regarding further development on their existing site.

Permission granted for:-

15/03356/FUL.The Willows. 15 dwellings

16/01032/FUL.The Old Post Office. Shed

16/01033/LBC. Listed Building consent for above

16/01138/DEM11. Storage Depot.Demolition of redundant buildings.

16/01323/FUL. St Modwens. Bat House on Station Road.

16/00975/ADV.St Modwen.Aluminium sign.

Notice given of Public Exhibition by Gloucester Diocese on the future of Glebe Field to be held Thursday 21st July in Village Hall.

Confirmation that the Core Strategy of Stratford District Council has now been adopted and it carries full weight – supersedes previous Local Plan. LSV figure should stand but not yet tested.

New Application.

16/02206/FUL. Bloor Homes. 15 dwellings including Open Space and associated works. Bloor Homes have emailed advising that this proposal is for 9 x 2bed bungalows, 3x 3 bed bungalows and 3 x 2 bed dormer bungalows. Planning Meeting arranged for Monday 1st August to discuss this.

  1. 10. Finance.

Up to date accounts produced by RFO John Cummings and read out to meeting. Approval given for payments of cheques totalling £1867.20. Details filed with these minutes. Proposed Cllr Kiener and Seconded by Cllr Tempest - approved by meeting.

Approval given for increase in print run of Newsletter for an extra 50 copies for distribution to the apartments in Meon Vale and new occupants of Marston Fields. Cost to be extra £24 per issue. Cllkr Kiener to amend Standing Orders.

  1. 11. Advertised Public Notice. Speed Limit Welford-Long Marston.

Notice of proposed change to speed limit between Welford and Long Marston - down to

It was proposed by Cllr Kiener seconded by Cllr Tempest that we respond supporting this proposed change but expressing the addition of extending 30mph limit to include Golf Course entrances.

  1. 12. Airfield.

Core Strategy now adopted by District Counci - including Long Marston Airfield as a Stratgic site for housing. – 2100 homes up to the year 2031. 400 already approved will be part of this number. 106 agreement under this 400 number will only fund ghost islands at Garden Centre and Clifford Mill. Any further approval will require additional funding for road improvements. It was noted that there are now large numbers of cyclists using our local roads in organised groups increasing road hazards.

  1. 13. Village Maintenance.

Grange Court Posts. These have been installed by Biffa because of damage by refuse lorries – approved by WCC.

Ditch opposite church. Email from WCC advising that they have no objection in principle as long as certain criteria are met. Ongoing.

Hedge at end of Wyre Lane. Although this has been cut back it still seems to be obstructing the view northwards more than previously. Cllr Brain advised that a map should be available showing the extent of the WCC verge to which the hedg should be cut back. Clerk to ask for definitive map from WCC.

  1. 14. Correspondence.

Most circulated – no response needed.

Notice of WALC next meeting at Stratford District Council Offices. September 27th.6.00.p.m.

Confirmation from Phil Grafton. Monitoring Officer at District Council that Cllr Kiener and Cllr Tempest did not breach the Code of Conduct.

Green Wheelie Bin competition. WCC.

Request for update on Neighbourhood Plan from Matthew Neal District Council. Replied that now Core Strategy has been adopted we may have to change our boundary.

  1. 15. Delegation of Responsibilities to Councillors.

The following Portfolio holders were agreed upon.

Planning. Cllr Kiener and Cllr Tempest.

Village Maintenance. To include Trees,footpaths,flooding, lighting, grasscutting,Tree Warden etc. Cllr Johnsey and Cllr Hodges.

Road Safety, Speed Visors and Camera,Emergency planning and Defibrillator.Cllr Hillier.

Neighbourhood Plan and liaison with Village Organisations.Cllr Englishby.

Village Infrastructure e.g Open Space. Cllr Brain.

Finance Officer. John Cummings.

Village Strategy – 5 year plan. All councillors.

Parish Clerk. Mrs Joan Matthews.

Clerk to prepare information for all portfolio holders where necessary.

  1. 16. Date of next normal meeting. September 19th 2016.

The meeting closed at 9.p.m.

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