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January 2016

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 18th January 2016 at 7.30.p.m in the Village Hall.

Present. Cllr Mike Brain Chairman. Cllrs Kiener, Johnsey and Tempest.

County Councillor I Seccombe.District Councillor P Barnes.

10 members of the public.


Matters raised were :-

Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations. Query because The Masons Arms are making plans and did not wish to clash with Parish Council. Nothing planned by Council.

Tree Warden Mr Marcuse advised that the trees, mentioned previously, in the grounds of the Old Rectory are indeed dead and need removing. Mr Ratcliffe is at present in hospital but will be contacted at a more suitable time.

Footpaths. Following the matter of the SD40 a query was raised as to whether any more footpaths in the village were not registered. Cllr Kiener advised that she and Cllr Johnsey had investigated but could not find any others.

County Councillors and District Councillors reports given here because of the need for them to leave for other meetings. See details later in minutes.

1.APOLOGIES had been received from Cllr Hodges.



Minutes of 167h Nov Prop Cllr Kiener.Seconded Cllr Tempest approved by all

Minutes of 14th Dec.Prop Cllr Kiener Seconded Cllr Johnsey approved by all

Minutes of 11th Jan. Prop Cllr Tempest Seconded by Cllr Kiener approved by LK.IJ and WT. with Chairman abstaining due to prejudicial interest declared at that meeting.

Chairman signed all minutes as correct.


Speed Visors. Vitally important that data from these can be downloaded and used. Cllr Tempest advised that they needed attention but as John Cummings is away he could not go further at the moment. Funds are available for this and Cllr Tempest was asked to expedite this matter as soon as possible.

WCC Grant Fund Application. Cllr I Seccombe has awarded us the sum of £600 towards our Open Space Project. Thanks had already been sent but personal thanks were expressed to Cllr Seccombe in this meeting.

Footpath to Station Road. Clerk had contacted various departments at WCC but was awaiting response from Ben Simm Senior Development Management Engineer. Clerk to contact direct copying in Cllr Seccombe who will further this matter.

Dead Overhanging Trees. See Open Session.

Village Emails.Cllr Kiener doesn't believe that it would be appropriate for Parish Council to compile a contact list because of Data Protection rules. When Website is updated later this year there will be a facility for people to register for notifications and this should solve the issue.

Railway re-instatement. Further discussion on issue already responded to in November. It was felt that this was putting cart before the horse – a premature consultation. If developments are passed then they should be sustainable at the time – not made sustainable later. The Greenway is promoted as a major leisure area and local amenity and should not be compromised. A decision in any case will be made by a much higher authority.

Generally this Council is not in favour.

Proposed Cllr Kiener and Seconded by Cllr Tempest that Fraser Pithie be contacted and advised of the Councils decision.


Main topic of report from Cllr Seccombe was funding. The County Council are two years into a 4 year budget period. Another £10m has to be found from reserves next year with maybe another £14m to be found the year after. All Counties are in a difficult place. Funding now is not mainly from Government but from Business rates and Council tax. There is a need to be self sufficient and things seem to be OK in Warwickshire. Other counties are less fortunate and equalisation seems to be unfair – to move funds to areas who cannot self fund.

Consultation is due this week on traffic problems and suggested solutions in Birmingham Road.

Overspill of Housing needs from Birmingham and Coventry. Feeling that Birmingham should provide density of housing so that Warwickshire should not have to look at taking overspill. Coventry has 17,000 families that they cannot accommodate – these may be moved to Warwick, Rugby or Nuneaton – not Stratford.

Warwickshire has seen good economic growth – 5th best in overseas investment but more land supply is probably needed which in turn will bring a re-examination of housing supply.


Cllr Barnes reported on the hearing by the Inspector underway at the moment into the Draft Core Strategy. He has spoken on LSVs as promised – other subjects already discussed – Long Marston Airfield, Rail use and Birmingham migration to our area. Cllr Barnes is hoping to speak about the B4632. The Inspector has implied a further delay of 6 weeks for an interim report.

Joining West Midlands Authority. Following the decision by Starford DC not to join this group, a petition was raised and will be discussed again on 24th Jan.

Cllr Barnes advised that his newsletter could be sent by email on request and would also be in The Poppin. He would not be delivering door to door in future.

Wyre Lane Planning Application. This has been refused at Committee on road safety, numbers of houses already built and urbanisation of rural area. This last reason is felt to be the strongest in case of appeal. Residents asked to take photographs in advance of any appeal so that evidence will already have been collected. These can be forwarded if and when any appeal is notified – together with appeal numbers and details.


Email from Rob Weeks, Stratford District Council in response to ours concerning protection for LM as regards LSV numbers. Main point made is that there is no protection and no weight in decisions until the Core Strategy is in place. Chairman Cllr Brain said that things had moved on since that email was received in November and that a 5 year land supply was now in place but it was still unclear what weight that would carry.

Rainbow Nurseries. Informal hearing had been held in November – No further news from Inspector.

15/03356/FUL.Willows Development.It had been decided to ask for conditions to be imposed concerning road sweeping and wheel washing to ensure road safety.

Consultation invited over new settlement at Gaydon /Lighthorne Heath. None made.

14/02985/FUL. Land off Wyre Lane. There had been the expected Site visit and now this application has been refused at a Committee Hearing last Wednesday with road safety, unsustainability and urbanisation of a rural area given as reasons. It was felt that an appeal would be made.

S106/00006/15. Bloor Homes Site. Change of category from rented to shared equity homes. An informal meeting had been held with Nick Rawlings and Duncan Mackay from Bloor Homes to discuss this application and our previous response. See attached the explanatory notes taken at this meeting. We appreciate that Bloor Homes have tried very hard to find a provider for local rental properties. Most providers have changed the criteria to providing no less than 30 homes on one larger site of up to 100 dwellings. They will not take on a scattergun area of properties. With shared equity the criteria remain the same for eligibility as regards residency etc. Shared equity will be on a 70/30% basis.

Following discussion it was proposed by the meeting that a further response be made. It was felt that there is no point in pursuing this objection although we remain deeply unhappy that no rented properties will be available particularly the bungalow at the front of the site.

S106/03947/15 . Long Marston Storage. This item had been noticed on an Agenda for Planning Committee. No direct advice had been received so no response made.

15/04353/OUT. Ashmead House. Response had been sent as agreed at meeting on 11th January but we had omitted to ask for a site visit. Prop Cllr Kiener Seconded Cllr Tempest that this be requested . approved by Cllr Johnsey with Cllr Brain abstaining.

15/04098/ADV. Bloor Homes site. Advertising hoardings. Permission granted.


Two cheques approved. Prop Cllr Kiener Seconded Cllr Brain.

Long Marston Village Hall. £63.00. Hall Hire

Alscot Timber. £40.00 Christmas Tree.

Quotation from WCCfor Street Light Maintenance received. £9.26 per light per annum. Small increase on last year. Approved by all.

Advice received from Stratford District Council of payment for grasscutting.

Clerks hours Oct – Dec. 43.5. approved by all.

Bank Mandate completed. Bank Account to be maintained at HSBC Stratford upon Avon and that the following applies as shown in Standing Orders of Council.

“ All cheques to be signed by either The Clerk or Chairman plus two other Councillors." 3 signatories in total.


No items under this section.


Cllr Johnsey advised that the footpath from The Green up to The Grange had been cleared by WCC.

Dog mess has twice been reported to Clerk recently in the area mentioned above.

Village Christmas Tree had been vandalised twice over the holiday period.

No items 11 & 12 – apologies for error from Clerk


Chairman read out letter from Cllr Kiener advising that she would be standing down from the Parish Council at the AGM in May. She thanked all for their support over the 13years she has served on the Council and kindly offered to maintain the Website in the short term.

Cllr Brain said that he was very sad to accept this resignation and that Cllr Kiener would be sorely missed and a show of appreciation was given by those present. Her offer to maintain the Website was gratefully accepted.

Clean for the Queen. There is to a National Clean Up weekend 4th to 6th March. It was decided that Long Marston would take part on Saturday 5th . Cllr Brain to arrange pick sticks and bags etc. Time ? 9.30.a.m Notice to be placed in Newsletter.

Email received from residents of Pettiphers Farm houses along Dorsington Road regarding the danger at junction of Dorsington Road and the C46. This was referred to WCC who advised that mirrors could not be placed on the highway – this response copied to John Deegan – sender of original email.

Christmas card purporting to come from our Christmas Tree regarding it's state and placement over Christmas – read out to all. See note above about vandalism.

Invite from Heart of England Forest to meeting early Feb. Cllrs Johnsey and Tempest expressed interest in attending.

Date of next meeting. March 21st.

Meeting closed at 8.50.p.m


Query over white lines which have appeared on SD40 proposed extension - believed to mark boundary of adjoining property

Concern expressed that Bloor Homes knew beforehand that the LPG Gas and unadoptable road would be an issue as regards a provider for rented homes.

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