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Developer Meeting May 19th 2016

Notes Taken at Meeting held at 3:30 pm on Thursday 19th May 2016 at 2 Hopkins Field.

Meeting at request of Lagan Homes


Councillors Brain, Tempest and Kiener

Mr John Lagan, MD Lagan Homes

Mr Stuart Pearson, Technical Director, Lagan Homes

Mr Lagan had spoken to Louise Koelman, Planner at SDC and Keith Williams Stansgate Planning, and now wished to consult with the Parish Council regarding the area known as the Orchard, together with area designated for Open Space.

Mr Lagan gave a brief introduction to Lagan Developments. The company had been in business for 15 years. The company was Ireland based, but was currently progressing a number of developments in the UK and this area. A development of 13 was in progress at Fenny Compton, with a further development of 25 in nearby location in the planning process. The Orchard would be the first in the Stratford area.

Mr Lagan confirmed that a significant financial investment had already been made in terms of acquiring the site, and although no contracts had been signed, terms of acquisition had in principle been agreed and the company was committed to purchase the area for residential development and the area of open space.

MB gave a resume of the history of the need for open space in the village and the support given for the development and its dependency on the open space. MB also indicated that the 106 agreement required the open space to be drained, playing field to be in usable conditions and community orchard planted prior to occupation of properties.

JL confirmed that the terms of the 106 agreement , and PC expectations regarding the Open Space would be upheld.

MB also made it very clear that from the PC's perspective, this meeting could only be a listening exercise, no decisions could be made without a full Parish Council Meeting.

Mr Lagan indicated that a further contribution may be possible towards future projects on the Open Space, but this would be dependant on profitability of the residential development, ie the density and mix/types of properties. Consideration would be given to social housing and bungalows if identified as being required by the village . Lagan Devs usually worked on a baseline of 8 properties per acre, which itself was lower than the government guidelines. This would equate to approximately 32 on the site.

MB outlined current position with respect to Draft Core Strategy and LSV allocations. If DCS adopted in short term, then the outline planning number of 20 would probably be capped.

A comment was made about difficulty regarding provision of affordable houses, and reference made to the situation on the Bloor Development.

MB indicated that the appropriate way forward would be to present a number of alternatives to the village via a Public Consultation in the Village Hall. JL would contact Mrs Matthews with view to progression.

LK suggested that although each development had to be considered in isolation, the overall needs of the village , and the nature of the developments already passed and under construction could be useful in identifying options for this site.

Councillor Tempest requested that serious consideration be given to the junction with Welford Road in view of its proximity to that from the Bloor Homes development.

Meeting concluded at approx. 16:15pm

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