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December 2016

Minutes of Marston Sicca Parish Council held on Friday 2nd December 2016 at 7.30.p.m in the Village Hall.

Present. Chairman Cllr Mike Brain, Vice Chairman Cllr I Johnsey,Cllrs W Tempest, M Englishby and M Hillier.

4 members of the Public.

  1. Apologies. None
  2. Declarations of Interest. Non Pecuniary Interest declared by Cllr Johnsey concerning 16/03615/REM which includes boundaries of relations property.
  3. Open Session. Mr Lake of Rise Cottage had concerns over the ditch between the Orchard Site and his property and asked if it could be culverted. Cllr Brain advised that the County Council were generally against culverting because they could get blocked. It was felt that the designs for the houses were very bland and had an urban feel.
  4. Planning.

16/03615/REM. Orchard Site. Welford Road. Reserved matters application Ref 14/00251/OUT. This matter had been held over from the meeting in November. Paper plans had now been received and examined by Councillors. Planning Portfolio Holder Cllr Tempest gave a report giving factual details and matters of concern. This report is attached to these minutes. Discussion was held concerning the following:-

A possible link to land further north as regards impact on Open Space and playing field, suggestion that a bungalow be provided, upkeep of community space, what kind of heating in houses, design very urban not conducive to local character, road to be up to adoptable standard, plain gable end visible from road etc. Cllr Tempest to prepare a draft document detailing our concerns. This to be forwarded to Clerk for overview and distribution to Councillors. This document would then form the basis for an objection to be submitted by 12th December. It was also proposed that a meeting be arranged with Lagan Homes and the Planning department so that these matters could be discussed.

The above decision was proposed for approval by Cllr Tempest and seconded by Cllr Englishby. Approved by all.

  1. Finance.

The level of the precept for 2017/18 had been deferred from the November meeting. It had remained at £8000 for some 15 years but it was felt that an increase of £2000 was needed in the next fiscal year to fund the Neighbourhood Plan now being started. It was advised by the Clerk that some 55 new residences would be occupied by the beginning of this term and so the increase would not have any adverse impact on the level of residents Council Tax. This increase of £2000 to £10,000 was proposed by Cllr Johnsey and seconded by Cllr Tempest. Approved by all.

  1. Bloor Homes. Public Open Space Transfer.

This matter had also been held over from the November meeting.The legal documents have now been received and circulated. Additional matters of concern raised in addition to those discussed at the November meeting included Play Area Equipment specification, fencing specification, upkeep/liability of public road, need to see gas contract. Cllr Hillier to prepare draft questionnaire to be sent to Nick Rawlings at Bloor Homes so that matters are clarified and/or included in any legal transfer document. The Clerk advised that on the Particulars Page of the draft agreement the payment details had been reversed with the Parish Council liable to pay funds to Bloor homes instead of the other way around. This also to be advised to Bloor Homes.

  1. Website.

Cllr Englishby reported that together with Cllr Tempest they had met with the proposed designer of a new website for the Parish Council. The Website was approved by both, it would be more interactive with other organisation sin the village yet retain it's current information and it's link with Stratford District Council. It was agreed that a meeting with Lesley Kiener should be arranged to discuss this matter but that we should further it in the meantime. Initial cost to be about £200 but there would be further charges for hosting, domain names etc. Approved by all present.

  1. Date of next regular meeting. January 16th 2017.

An additional matter of concern was raised by the Chairman Cllr Brain. The Boundary Commission is conducting a review of Parliamentary Constituencies Boundaries and under these proposals Long Marston would be moved, together with seven other wards into a new constituency called Evesham and South Warwickshire.

Welford Parish Council had already written objecting to these proposals as had many local parishes and interested parties.

It was decided at the meeting that we should object to these proposals using the reasons already given by Welford. These include education system differences, need to be in Stratford Ward because of traffic concerns, residents mainly use Stratford as base for local services – not Evesham. Etc.

Clerk to compose and submit.

Meeting closed at 8.45.p.m.

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