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Co-option Procedure

The Co-option Procedure can be downloaded in PDF format

A policy setting out the procedure for co-­-opting a casual vacancy following an election process ADOPTED MAY 2017


If no request for an election is received by STRATFORD-­-ON-­-AVON DISTRICT Council by the date on the Notice of Vacancy, the Parish Clerk will seek confirmation that Marston Sicca Parish Council is able to co-­-opt the vacancy.

Co-­-option is the process by which the Parish Council selects a new Councillor and it is done as an agenda item within a monthly Parish Council meeting. The Parish Council manages the process of co-­-option by itself and strives to demonstrate that it is fair and equitable by following the procedure set out below:

1 Marston Sicca Parish Council invites interested candidates to write to the Clerk by a specified date. If there is only one applicant for one vacancy, the applicant is automatically co-­-opted to the Parish Council. If there is more than one candidate, the letters received are circulated to Councillors ahead of the meeting at which a Parish Councillor is to be co-­-opted. These letters form part of the meeting pack which Councillors receive for every Parish Council meeting.

2 At the Parish Council meeting candidates are invited to say something about themselves and Councillors can ask questions of the candidates. Each candidate will be allocated a maximum of three minutes.

3 In a closed session of the Parish Council without the public present, members consider the candidates and, following the discussion, the public are invited back into the meeting before the voting to takes place.

4 The Chairman will request the Councillors present to nominate any of the candidates. Candidates will require a proposer and seconder to progress to the voting stage. If there is only one vacancy, a Councillor may only nominate or second one candidate. One candidate needs to receive an absolute majority of votes.

5 The Chairman will then place the names of those nominated into alphabetical order and proceed to vote. Councillors will have one vote per vacancy to be filled.

6 Voting will be in accordance with Standing Orders by a show of hands and will continue until one candidate has received an absolute majority of those Councillors present. At this stage, the successful candidate will be declared co-­-opted.

7 Should no single candidate receive a majority on the first vote, the candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated. Voting will then take place for the remaining candidates until one person receives an absolute majority.

8 The successful candidate is then declared co-­-opted to the Parish Council and will be asked to join the meeting.

9 The successful candidate is a councillor and is no different to any other member; co-­-option is a legitimate form of election as part of the election process.


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